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Here is a small sampling of my current projects. This is not yet a comprehensive list and will soon be receving updates to show infant-level and conception-level projects as well.

That's this site. See the about page for more information.
This dot-com is a self-described pointless dot-com. The content has no intentional common theme, and the only real intention of is to be pointless. In the incident that the project entertains you, remain calm, take a deep breath, count to three, and remind yourself that it's purely incidental. You can rest assured that any and all entertainment value extracted from is merely a byproduct of the pointlessness.
monkey warrior The Monkey War
This is a browser-based resource game. The object is to express domination over the other monkeys in the game through digital battle. The game is due for a pretty significant gameplay update. That will happen as soon as the time is available ...
circle The Rounded Corner Generator
This is a single-page tool for web developers. It allows the user to edit a few paramters, which are then used to generate the necessary image and code for adding rounded corners to any block-level element of a web page. The concept for this tool was borrowed from an observation of the way several major websites manage their rounded corners.
book with magnifying glass CSS Sprites Demo
This is just a single-page demo for CSS sprites. CSS sprites can be used by web developers who wish to cut back on HTTP requests and bandwidth, resulting in reduced server load and an enhanced (faster) user experience. This little demo offers an atypical solution to CSS sprites, which is aimed at being more search engine friendly. This is a great little page for those who just need to see an example of CSS sprites before making their own.