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0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Covariance and Contravariance in TypeScript
Good explanation of covariance and contravariance in TS.
contravariance, covariance, development, prog...
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Understanding infer in TypeScript - LogRocket...
javascript, ts, typescript, web development
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
Simple, fully roaming VPN. If the server itself changes its own endpoint, and sends data to the clients, the clients will discover the new server endpoint and update the configuration just the same. Both client and server send encrypted data to the most recent IP endpoint for which they authentically decrypted data. Thus, there is full IP roaming on both ends.
vpn, wireguard
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast
Unlimited, easy podcast hosting and distribution
anchor, hosting, podcast, podcasting, rss, sp...
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ IS-IS - Wikipedia (the gateway protocol, not ...
IS-IS is an interior gateway protocol, designed for use within an administrative domain or network. This is in contrast to exterior gateway protocols, primarily Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is used for routing between autonomous systems (RFC 1930).
isis, networking, routing
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Short, Self Contained, Correct Example (SSCCE)
If you are having a problem with some code and seeking help, preparing a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example (SSCCE) is very useful. But what is an SSCCE? ...
bug reporting, customer engagement, issue rep...
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ google vs oracle
"Held: Google’s copying of the Java SE API, which included only those lines of code that were needed to allow programmers to put their accrued talents to work in a new and transformative program, was a fair use of that material as a matter of law. Pp. 11–36."
apis, copyright, google, java, open source, o...
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Inside AdSense: Sharing your ad space
Google's statement on sharing ad space / rotating Google Ad ID's to share profits. TLDR: It is explicitly allowed.
ads, google, ids, profit sharing, sharing, we...
0 ✔ | 1 ♥ Fan Content Policy | Wizards Corporate
cards, content, copyright, deck building, fan...
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